Impact Wizard

An important aspect to project planning is to assess the impact of a change that has not yet been applied.

The Impact Wizard provides a very simple-to-use interface for asking "what if?" questions, presenting its' results in Object List+ so that further analysis is possible, and results can be easily scoped into subsets or CR content etc.

The workflow of the Impact Wizard is that one or more objects are chosen, then possible Actions are applied to them. The results show what the impact would be if you were to apply those Actions for real in your models. There are two aspects to impact analysis in Gen, and you can choose which aspect to report on in the Wizard:

The Impact Wizard understands your model architecture, so the results can work across an entire CBD model structure if required, or within just a single model.

In the example below, the wizard will analyse the impact of adding an identifying attribute to an entity type. There are also Actions available for changes to attributes, relationships, work sets, action blocks and procedure steps.

The results of the impact show objects that must be changed and those that potentially need changing.