Object List+ is a powerful object listing, search, browse and compare tool for the CA Gen encyclopaedia.

With Object List+, you can rapidly find objects using a variety of search techniques. Examples include searching names, descriptions, text strings or any object property.

You can extend the capabilities of Object List+ by providing your own custom functions, thus establishing a secure and efficient mechanism for running your own queries on the encyclopaedia. Custom Functions allow more comprehensive queries, for example to list all unused action blocks, checked out subsets or action blocks containing inefficient READ statements.

A comprehensive set of impact analysis functions are available, for example, action blocks that reference an entity type, dialog flows into a procedure step, action block structure and Create/Read/Update/Delete actions for entity types or action blocks.

You can compare models, from a high level view right down to detailed objects, properties and associations. You can also perform a database compare to highlight differences between the model and a physical database.

From Object List+, you can view the statements for action diagrams. window and screen designs and details of all properties held in the CA Gen model.

Object List+ directly accesses the encyclopaedia and thus provides up to date and accurate information. It is available for both host and client/server encyclopaedia and can be used standalone or integrated with IET's GuardIEn and genIE tools.


Allows you to rapidly find objects using powerful and intuitive search and list methods
Custom Functions provide you with an easy way of extending the browse and search facilities with customised logic
Interactive compare mode enables you to easily see the differences between two models at many levels of detail
Easy access to additional details including action diagram statements, window/screen designs and all object properties and associations
Integrated impact analysis tools provide quick and accurate results to commonly asked questions, e.g. used objects, Create/Read/Update/Delete analysis, load module packaging, etc.
Integration with GuardIEn & Assist tools allow the search results to be used in subset definition, object migrations, object deletions, construction and other GuardIEn facilities like Change Request Content
Integration with genIE allows objects to be directly updated