Custom Functions

Custom Functions allow you to extend the search and browse capabilities of Object List+.

Numerous custom functions are provided by IET and you can also add your own functions. This allows you to provide an easy, secure and efficient way of providing customised queries to developers.

There are two methods of developing custom functions. The easiest is to use dynamic SQL functions. The administrator can easily and quickly add new functions that can be implemented using an SQL query. More comprehensive functions can be developed using user modifiable exits (using C or COBOL) and therefore offer more possibilities compared with a simple SQL query.

In the example below, a custom function is shown that displays action blocks that have READ statements where an attribute is qualified against another attribute of a different length. This type of READ is likely to perform poorly, so this custom function can be used to perform quality assurance checks. This is an example of a custom function that a) would not be possible with a simple SQL query and b) returns nested data to make it more readable.