Browsing & Navigating

Object List+ provides the fastest and easiest method of accessing relevant data from your model. Once objects have been listed, further browsing actions are available to perform impact analysis, view associated objects and further detail.

Smart Browsing

Smart - A powerful 'smart' function combines multiple impact analysis functions in a single click to provide an easy overview of the structure and context of the selected object. Simply click on the + button next to an object to get an immediate view of all related objects. In the example below, we have performed a 'smart' action on the CREATE_ORDER action block.

Custom Functions

Custom Functions invoke customized logic to extract data from the whole model or selected object. Numerous example functions are provided. For example, there is a custom function to view all action blocks that have a persistent view of an entity type, or action blocks that do not SET all attributes in a CREATE statement.

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis - most of the common impact analysis functions that a developer is interested in are available as quick functions. Examples include Expand, Distinct Expand, Full Expand, Used By, Uses Entity/WorkSet and Create/Read/Update/Delete usage. These can be executed within a single model, or be invoked using CBD cross-model analysis.

Low-Level Navigating

Both, From, To - Follows associations to other objects in the encyclopaedia. This is similar to Walkency, provided by the Host Encyclopaedia, or the Support Client for CSE. It gives you the ability to look at your models at the most detailed object and association level.