genIE Publisher

genIE Publisher allows you to rapidly publish an action block or procedure step into a specification or catalag model.

Publishing an action block involves creating a specification instance of the action block or procedure step that only contains the import and export views, notes and optionally packaging information anc conversion to an external action block.

Without an automated tool like genIE Publisher, this has to be manually performed via a separate temporary model and the process is therefore time-consuming, error-prone and also results in the specifcation object having a different timestamp to the original object.

genIE Publisher intelligently recreates the interface elements of an action clock in a target model, such as a catalog model, or directly into a consuming model.

The logic is stripped out, the local and entity action views are removed, and the action block may be transformed into an external action block as part of the publish.

genIE Publisher will preserve ancestry where possible. This includes situations where the action block is new to the target model, and also when the action block matches type and name.