genIE - XCopy

X-Copy provides a cross-copy function allowing you to select one or more statements in any action diagram from any model in any encyclopaedia, and copy them into an action diagram in your CA Gen toolset or direct into the PAD when using genIE Direct.

Developers often need to code similar statements in multiple action diagrams across multiple models. For example, an emergency fix applied to a production model may need to be applied to the development model; an enhancement to a base release model might need to be applied to customer-specific models or the developer might just need to implement a block of statements into several action diagrams in separate models.

In many cases the changed objects cannot simply be migrated to the destination models because this would overwrite other changes. The developer therefore needs to manually ‘click’ them into the destination model. This is not only time-consuming, but also introduces the possibility that the changes are not faithfully replicated thus leading to errors and discrepancies.

X-Copy is a similar function to the toolset XCopy function, but X-Copy allows you to copy from any model in your encyclopaedia without the need to have the target action diagrams checked out to a subset or even in the same model.

Start by using the genIE PAD Editor to display an action diagram in the encyclopaedia. This action diagram can be in any model on the encyclopaedia, not just the model being updated. Then select the statement(s) to be copied.

In the target action diagram, select the position where the statements are to be inserted and choose the X-Copy function. Note that there are no views in this empty action diagram.

The XCopy function allows you to automatically create views, exit states and commands that are required to support the selected statements.

Note that the statements have been created along with the necessary views.

You can also choose to substitute objects when performing a x-copy: