genIE - Substitute USE Statements

The Substitute USE Statements function is used to substitute all USEs of one action block with another.

A common reason for this, in CBD projects, is to replace the usage of one version of an operation with another.

The substitution logic replaces all USE statements of the old action block with the new action block.

If there are import or export views mapped in the USE statement to the old action block that do not exist in the new action block, then you will be asked if you want to proceed with the substitution. If you select Yes, then the view mapping will dropped in the USE of the new action block because the view does not exist. The view equivalence is based on the same view name and referenced data object for entity views and group view structure for group views.

In the Substitute USE Statements dialog, first select the new action block by ticking the New checkbox. The 'new' action block is the one that you want to substitute the references of the other (old) action block to.

Next press the Analyse button to list all action blocks that USE the old action block. The list will then display all action blocks that USE this action block. If you do not want to substitute the USE statements in one or more of these, then un-tick the Include column checkbox.