genIE - Reorder Views

The Reorder Views function allows you to reorder the views in an action diagram. You can choose which types of view to reorder, whether to place all of the group views at the end of the section and whether attributes are also reordered.

Having the views in an alphabetic sequence makes finding a view much easier, especially when tracing an action diagram. However because manually reordering the views is tedious and time-consuming, it is rarely done. The genIE reorder views function orders the views in a few seconds and thus speeds up subsequent searches for views.

Ensuring that attribute views are in a set sequence (either alphabetic or by entity definition) can result in more efficient generated code. If the attributes are in the same sequence between the called and calling action block (called perfect view matching), the code generators can directly pass the data from the calling view structure to the called action block. However if the view structures are not the same, the code generators have to insert a intermediate view structure into the generated calling program and move the data between the calling and intermediate views before and after the USE statement which results in less efficient runtime performance.