genIE - Create Operation Version

The Create Operation Version function is used to create a new version of an action block structure, typically a CBD Operation.

In the example below, a CBD operation consists of a public operation interface (I level) which calls a mapper (M level) which calls a Logic action block ( L level) which calls a Data action block in the same operation as well as other action blocks.

If a new version of the operation is required because of a change to the interface, then typically you would create new versions of the I, M, L and D action blocks. This would be accomplished by copying I1, M1, L1 and D1 and then amending I2 to replace the USE of M1 with M2 and amending M2 to replace the USE of L1 with L2 and amend L2 to replace the use of D1 with D2.

This entire process is automated by the genIE Create Operation Version function. First the top level action block is selected and analysed to determine called actoin blocks that are part of the same operation and new names provided. This can be automated using the Auto Set Names function.

Once you have allocated new names, press Proceed to commence the creation of a new version. First the names are validated to ensure that the new names and member names are not already used in the model. Next each of the action blocks is copied to create the new version. Finally all USE statements within the selected action blocks are substituted to the new version. If an action block is packaged into an operations library, the new version is also packaged into the same library.