genIE - CASE OF Creator

The CASE OF Creator function allows you to quickly create CASE OF statements.

Examples include CASE OF EXITSTATE, CASE OF COMMAND & CASE OF attribute.

In the example below, we have a USE customer_operation statement and want to test the exit states that might be returned by this action block and all action blocks that it might also USE. Without genIE, we would have to browse all of the USEd action diagrams to determine all possible exit states and then manually select the exit states for the CASE OF EXITSTATE statement.

With genIE, we can select the CASE OF creator function, then choose EXITSTATE.

genIE then allows us to choose exit states from a list, or since we have already selected the USE statement, it also provides options for selecting exit states from either the action blocks in the subset or from all used action blocks in the encyclopaedia. In the example below, it has found 3 possible exit states.

Pressing Create then generates the CASE OF EXITSTATE statements.