genIE Direct

Allows changes to be made rapidly without requiring a download.
Eliminating downloads reduces contention on the models
Eliminating downloads reduces CPU consumtion, hence reduces cost of development
Integration with GuardIEn ensures changes are correctly versioned and controlled
X-Copy ensures fixes are more accurately applied to multiple models
X-Copy enables faster re-use of commonly used statements across models

genIE Plug-in

Statement generation features reduce effort and speed up development
View re-ordering speeds up testing and development time and can lead to more efficient generated code
Deleting unused views results in more efficient generated code
X-Copy allows statements to be copied from any action diagram in any model. Source Action Diagram does not need to be checked out.
Search & Replace text allows rapid changes to text literals across multiple objects

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between genIE Direct and genIE Plug-in?

genIE Direct allows you to edit action diagrams directly on the encyclopaedia without needing to download a subset to the CA Gen toolset. genIE Plug-in is an add-on 'plug-in' that enhances the Gen toolset.

What is a plug-in?

A plug-in is an application that is accessed from within the CA Gen toolset. Because the application has been launched from the toolset, it is able to directly access and update the model.

Is genIE Direct a replacement for the Gen toolset?

No. genIE Direct is designed to allow quick changes to action diagrams. Whilst it allows many types of simple changes to be made to the action diagram, it does not offer the complete range of features provided by the toolset. If you need to perform more complex changes, then you would still use the Gen toolset.

Does genIE require GuardIEn?

No, genIE can operate without GuardIEn. However see the next question on product integration.

Can genIE work with GuardIEn?

Yes. genIE Direct can be integrated with GuardIEn so that if an object is changed, a version is created by GuardIEn, associated to a Change Request and scoped into a Development Update for rapid impact analysis and code implementation.


How is genIE licensed?

To be able to use genIE, you need to obtain a licence from IET. genIE is licensed per workstation. If you have GuardIEn or genIE server installed, genIE licences are managed by the server and you do not need a licence for each workstation. If you are only using genIE on the workstation (i.e. no server component is installed), each workstation requires a separate licence.

Are trial versions available?

Yes, you can obtain a 30 day trial for genIE.


How does genIE Direct update the encyclopaedia?

genIE Direct uses IET's own API.

How does genIE Direct lock the model?

When the changes are to be applied to the encyclopaedia, genIE locks the model, applies the changes and then releases the model. This is only for the short duration that the changes are actually applied and the model is not locked whilst the PAD Editor is open. If the model lock cannot be obtained (for example because the model is in use), genIE will attempt to obtain the lock for 10 attempts before informing the user that the model is locked and they should try again. On the CSE, the lock management is performed by interaction with the Gen Lock Server. On the HE, genIE provides a special lock manager which manages the locks using MVS ENQUEUES which is the same approach adopted by the encyclopaedia.

What versions of Gen are supported?

genIE supports CA Gen 6.5 and above.

Is genIE safe to use?

genIE has been used successfully by many sites since 2005 and is safe to use!