CA Gen's proven repository technology provides significant benefits in today's constantly changing development environment by allowing technical independence - design once and then implement onto your chosen operating platforms as required. However, without adequate controls imposed on the CA Gen encyclopaedia, it is all too easy to lose track of model changes and any resultant impact on the generated source and object code.

GuardIEn, the world's only Process and Change Management tool specifically designed for CA Gen, provides rigorous and highly automated implementation controls, ensuring that changes to CA Gen models are synchronised with the executable application.

In addition to the specifications stored within the model, CA Gen applications often use of external objects, for example bitmaps, external action blocks, OLE files, HTML, java, help files, test scripts and documentation. These all form part of the final application but importantly, are not stored within the CA Gen encyclopaedia.

XOS allows full and effective control over the development of external objects whilst uniquely managing their associated interaction and relationship to CA Gen.