XOS is tightly integrated with GuardIEn, allowing the same flexibility in object and life-cycle definition to be applied to external objects. ALL external objects that you need to control can be defined and managed using XOS, for example, external action blocks, bitmaps, icons, OLE files, HTML pages, java script, JCL, scripts, documentation and help files. 

XOS allows you to determine how and where each of the external object types are to be secured in the XOS repository. One of the strengths of CA Gen is its ability to generate code for multiple target environments from a single model. In XOS, these different target platforms are called 'Variants'. When applications are to be generated for multiple target platforms, many of the external objects will also require separate occurrences for the different platforms. XOS allows each project to define the set of variants that they wish to control and allow them to store separate external objects for each variant, each with its own version control information.