List Boxes

IETeGUI substantially improves standard Gen list boxes.

The list boxes are standard Gen list boxes, enhanced with the IETeGUI runtime, and therefore existing events, MAKE statements, list box processing, and other Gen functions like edit patterns remain in place!

Unlike using OCX controls, enhancing the Gen list boxes with IETeGUI requires NO CODING - simply use the Editor or manually create a NOTE statement.

IETeGUI supports a very powerful yet simple approach to creating tree views.
Resizable columns. The mouse is used to resize column widths.
Built-in sort functionality. Simply click on one or more columns to sort ascending or descending. Default sorts can be specified, and the user's selection is automatically remembered for each list box.
Arrange Columns. Users can choose which columns to display
and the sequence they appear in. Again, this is remembered automatically.

Display Bitmaps. Bitmaps can be displayed in the list box cells, either with the data or replacing the data. The bitmaps are dynamically loaded by IETeGUI based on the value in the cell, so no coding is required. Bitmaps can make a big difference to application usability and improve look & feel.
Use bitmaps for column headings. Bitmaps can also be used in column headings, which can be useful for narrow columns.
Auto Percent. Display percentage data in a highly visual and intuitive control
Auto Histogram. Display ranges of numeric data in a highly configurable histogram
Attach filter controls. Filter fields can be attached to columns so that they move and size automatically as the column is resized or moved.
Built in Functions. IETeGUI provides standard Print, Copy to Clipboard, Save As, Select All and Deselect All functions for each list box.
Include Grid Lines. IETeGUI supports grid lines as a system-wide or user option per list box. You can also specify alternate background colours.
All styles of List Box are supported - read-only, single select, multi select and extended.  
IETeGUI automatically remembers your last displayed settings for each List Box.  

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