IETeGUI is a powerful extension to the CA Gen GUI runtime that enables you to easily and rapidly:

This is done in 3 very simple steps:

1) Add a NOTE statement to your procedure step action diagram. This can be easily added using the Gen toolset or with the IETeGUI Editor. The Editor can also automatically enhance multiple list boxes in one go to make it very easy to convert an existing application.

2) Generate and Install the code from the toolset or CSE. At build time, the hooks to the IETeGUI runtime are automatically added to the generated code.

3) Deploy your application together with the IETeGUI runtime DLL.


Better user experience
List boxes consistent with Windows standards
Use of bitmaps and enhanced visualisation controls improve data readability
Standard behaviour across all applications
Provide standard Print, Copy & Save As functions for all of your list boxes
Window and Dialog Box resizing with automatic resizing of list boxes and moving of selected controls
Virtually no effort required to implement IETeGUI!

IETeGUI Editions

IETeGUI is available in three editions:

Standard Edition
Advanced Edition
Professional Edition
Enhanced list box features
Resizable columns
Remembers each list box's settings
Sortable columns
Column filter controls track columns
Bitmaps in data
Bitmaps in headers
Colouring and gridlines controlled by Registry
Arrangeable columns
Colouring and gridlines controlled by user
"Select/Deselect" All functions
"Copy to clipboard" functions
"Open With" function
"Save As" function
"Print" function
"Reset to original design" function (column sizes, positions, arrangement)
In-line functions for manipulating list boxes using action diagram statements
Auto-tree view
Auto Percent    
Auto Histogram
Resize features
Tracking of controls
Remembering size and position
In-line functions for manipulating window size/position using action diagram statements
Tabular control features
Horizontal & Vertical tab management
Gradient shaded window colouring
Misc IETeGUI features
Functions for right-click menus using action diagram statements
Functions for advanced Message Box handling using action diagram statements

Contact IET for further details on IETeGUI