Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Gen are supported? IETeGUI works with Advantage Gen 6.5, CA Gen r7.* , CA Gen 8.0, 8.0 and 8.6 with Windows XP and above.
Does this work with code generated from the toolset or the CSE? IETeGUI will work with code generated from both the toolset and the CSE.
What do I need to distribute with my application? Apart from your normal application files, you also need to distribute the IETeGUI.dll file plus any bitmaps that are used in list boxes.
Are there any runtime licence requirements? No, you can freely distribute the IETeGUI DLL file with your application.
What do I need to install IETeGUI on my end user's workstation? You only need to distribute the IETeGUI DLL. No additional runtime registration or installation tasks are required.
Does IETeGUI support web generated applications? No, IETeGUI is only available for Windows applications. If you want to implement a sophisticated user interface for web applications, use Rapide.
Is a trial version available? Yes, contact IET for details.
How long does it take to install IETeGUI? 5-10 minutes!
Is training required? No, training should not be required because IETeGUI is very easy to use. However IET Product Support are available to answer any questions that you may have.
Are there any limitations? There are some limits in IETeGUI, but these are very large (i.e. 5000 active list boxes, 5000 resized windows) and you are unlikely to reach them. In the event that you do, these can be increased!
Can IETeGUI be removed? IETeGUI does not make any changes to your model apart from NOTE statements. If you want to remove IETeGUI from your application, you simply have to uninstall IETeGUI and re-generate your code to remove the IETeGUI source code modifications.
Do my Gen list boxes still behave as normal, i.e. event handling? The list boxes are still standard Gen managed controls and these behave as normal, i.e. any action diagram code like MAKE statements, list boxes handling, etc. remains unchanged. IETeGUI enhances the presentation of the list box at runtime in a manner that is transparent to the Gen runtime and application code.
How does IETeGUI differ from using an OCX control? IETeGUI uses standard Gen list boxes and hence all of the standard Gen functionality like designing the list boxes and action diagramming statements can be utilised. To replicate the functionality using OCX controls requires considerable additional development effort and replacing the list boxes and group views with logic to add the data into the OCX control.
How long does it take to enhance my application? A window or dialog box can be enhanced in a few minutes using the IETeGUI Editor!
Are changes made to window sizes, positions, list box columns widths, etc. remembered? Yes! IETeGUI automatically saves the user's preferences in the Registry. No extra coding is required. The next time a user uses a window or list box, it will appear exactly as before without them having to redo the customisations. A 'reset to defaults' option is also available.
What happens if we have multiple versions of our application, i.e. version 2 has more columns in a list box? IETeGUI allows you to version your application and it versions the registry data. This allows you to execute multiple versions of your application on the same workstation, keeping the settings for each separate. When a new version is detected, IETeGUI will automatically copy the registry settings from the previous version if these are available.
IETeGUI seems very sophisticated. How come? IETeGUI was originally developed to enhance our own products, which are developed with CA Gen. We wanted to provide a very sophisticated look and feel for the GUI applications and had a demanding set of requirements.