Interfaces to Other CCM Tools

Many organisations have a desire to implement a single change and configuration management (CCM) solution to control applications, irrespective of the development tool, language, operating system and hardware.

There are a number of issues to be considered when attempting to control CA Gen projects with a source code based CCM tool:

Many attempts to interface source based configuration management tools to CA Gen have therefore faltered due to the inherent difficulties of interfacing a tool designed to work with 'traditional' source, object and control code with the model-based architecture of CA Gen.

GuardIEn contains interfaces to the most popular CCM tools, like Endevor, Harvest, ChangeMan and ISPW. The interface shields the CA Gen developers from these CCM tools and issues surrounding synchronisation whilst ensuring that the CA Gen projects adhere to site standards for implementing applications.

Further details on the specific CCM interfaces can be obtained from the Brochures page.