The Assistants are a family of tools that improve developer productivity when performing common tasks on the host and client/server encyclopaedias.

The Task Assistant allows you to define encyclopaedia tasks like downloads, uploads, model deletes, model copies or migrates and schedule these tasks to execute at predetermined times, for example overnight.
The tasks are scheduled by a Task Dispatcher which is defined and controlled using the Queue Manager. This enables long running tasks to be scheduled at off-peak times to improve resource load balancing.
The Upload Assistant automates the upload of changes from the Gen toolset to the encyclopaedia to provide version control of objects and automatic association of new, changed and deleted objects to a GuardIEn Change Request.
The Construction Assistant is designed to reduce the effort and time taken to generate and install code. The developer selects the modules that need to be generated and schedules the construction steps for immediate or deferred generation and installation using background tasks. Automated impact analysis tools take care of ensuring that all affected modules are re-generated and linked based on analysis of the the changes to the Gen objects.
The Subset Assistant helps to scope subsets. It contains a variety of scoping tools including task orientated wizards to help select the required objects and also reports on downgrades, thus making the subsetting process easier and more accurate.
The Migrate Assistant is designed to simplify and automate ad-hoc CA Gen object migrations. Integrated enabling object checking reduces the chance of failed migrates whilst integrated task management enables easy to use overnight batch processing of the migrates.
The Help Assistant simplifies the process of linking user documentation to an application to produce context-sensitive help thus bridging the gap between the CA Gen window design and user help files.