Rapide 2.0 Available

29th July 2016

Rapide 2.0 is now available to download from the IET web site.

The following features have been added in Release 2.0

Support for Gen 8.6

Rapide 2.0 provides support for building applications with Gen 8.6.

Performance and Memory Improvements

Performance has been improved by optimizing change detection of widgets between browser and the application server, avoiding unnecessary network traffic. It also includes a new mechanism called preserve-on-demand that tracks changes to common widget properties and avoids data comparisons entirely for those properties that haven’t been touched in the process of a request. The overall effect is that server load and average response times drop significantly.
Rapide has also been enhanced to manage memory and garbage collection much more efficiently, dramatically reducing memory footprint per session.

New Sash Options

In previous releases, the orientation property for a sash could be set to either Horizontal or Vertical. The sash position was remembered from the top of the window for Horizontal and the left of the window for Vertical. These options have been renamed “Horizontal from Top” and “Vertical from Left” and new options provided “Horizontal from Bottom” and “Vertical from Right” to specify that the sash position is remembered from the bottom or right of the window.

“Open As Report” option for Context Menu for List Boxes

A new option to ‘Open As Report’ is provided for list boxes, via the context menu, which creates an HTML file of the list box data. A new user exit method is exposed for this so you can customise the HTML file. Once produced, the HTML file is launched in a new browser (tab or pop-up depending upon your browser’s
security). This feature is available for BROWSER and DESKTOP targets.

Badge support for Browser on Tab Items

You can now take advantage of a new feature called ‘badge’ on Tab Items, which is similar to decorations except that you can add your own text to the highlighting bubble. This is intended primarily for indicate numbers, such as ‘unread emails’ etc. but could be used to display any information you want. Badge appearance can be themed. Access to this feature is through the existing Rapide API method decorationSet

For full details on enhancements and fixes in this release, consult the release notes.

For further details on Rapide, visit www.iet.co.uk/rapide