Brochures & Papers

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Rapide: overview of Rapide - multi-platform advanced UI development tool for CA Gen

GuardIEn: change management, model management and version control for the CA Gen encyclopaedia, including the Assistants and XOS

genIE: advanced editing and toolset plug-in for CA Gen

Object List+: object list, search, browse and compare for the CA Gen encyclopaedia

IETeGUI: Enhance your CA Gen GUI applications

VerifIEr: automated code compliance checking for CA Gen models

pathvIEw: code and test coverage for CA Gen

xTrace: Advanced tracing for CA Gen z/OS applications

GuardIEn Interfaces

GuardIEn can interface to a variety of third party products. The documents below describe the interfaces to specific products...

GuardIEn - Endevor interface

GuardIEn - Harvest interface

GuardIEn - ChangeMan interface


Gen Change Management

GuardIEn and Component Based Development

GuardIEn Savings Analysis